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Aug 12,2018 by Dennis Kaiser     

No one is more thorough representing a “buyer” than Charlie. Since he is a general contractor/builder with many years of experience in Whatcom County you get only the best. Charly did our inspection on a brand new home and found some 30 plus items that needed to be addressed. He scaled the roof checking every roof line angle all the edges, gutters, etc. He inspected under the house to check dampness and critters, etc. Charly was on top of the negotiation process and got all items on his list to be addressed.

Jun 18,2018 by Chris McCullough     

Charly was great to work with. He was very responsive and communicative.

Dec 18,2017 by Myers General, INC     

I’ve bought and sold many properties with Charly and feel he is the most knowledgeable real estate broker in this county, country and maybe the world. His attention to detail and knowing everything there is to know about homes, developing and construction has helped me in both buying and selling. I will refer him to everyone I know without hesitation. Thanks for the great experience your company and Charly has given me. I look forward to my next purchase.

May 7,2018 by Mark Millman     

Charly was a great help in purchasing a home in Skagit Co. We met three or four times and explored a number of neighborhood and housing situations across a wide range of prices. We started with a curiosity and a thought that we might want to relocate in the next few years. Charly helped us focus our wants and needs and eventually we found a new home that we’re very pleased with and decided to move now.

Jun 12,2016 by Wayne Youngquist     

I felt that Charly was very helpful and very honest in helping us in our home purchase.

May 15,2016 by Kristi Clift     

Charly is very personable and reliable and easy going – he made the process easy and understandable for us and also was a great advocate for our needs.

Aug 8,2015 by Cassi Walker     

Charly was awesome to work with and was so helpful with any questions I had. First time house buying made easier!

Apr 26,2015 by Kendra Pasma     

Charly was professional, educated us through the process, and went above and beyond. As first time home buyers, we were very pleased with our experience.

Apr 9,2015 by Jim Runnalls     

Construction background makes him knowledgeable in the areas we need info. He totally listened to what we needed.

Aug 20,2014 by MZM Enterprises, LLC     

Charly did a great job! He really knows the market and is an expert negotiator. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a home. He’s a great guy.

Apr 3,2014 by Leslie Roe     

Sunny Lake and Charly Myers 🙂

Mar 4,2014 by David King     

Charly Myers was very proactive and smart about process

Dec 10,2013 by Mzm, Llc     

Everyone there is extremely knowledgable, helpful and enjoyable to work with.

Aug 14,2013 by Eric McRory     

I trust the broker that I worked with.